By John Reid A mole is usually found on the bodies of most of the individuals. These are simply a collection of pigmented cells. They may be flat or raised. Flat moles located at the right place are often considered to be a beauty spot. However large and raised moles on the face or other […]

By Byron Dyson Mainstream shampoos can in fact be a little more detrimental to your hair than you may realize. These shampoos have a large amount of harsh chemicals that will truly end up stripping your hair of the natural oils that are good for your hair. Your hair naturally has some oil, which you […]

A lot of people have heard at least something about acupuncture. Only a few people are aware of it, and even less know how it works. Viewers of the movie “Kung Fu Panda” may get nervous about acupuncture; thinking about the risks Fears about acupuncture can be put to rest by learning about it, allowing […]

By John Anthonio Every person has a mole present somewhere on his or her body. The number of moles would however vary from individual to individual. Moles may at times become irritating when they become a hindrance in the daily activities like shaving. Their constant rubbing on the clothes or against jewelry can also become […]

By Kathy Jenkins A lot of people have a mole present somewhere on their bodies. Till the time they would not generate a particular medical problem, they were never much cared about in the past. On the other hand people now a days prefer getting the moles removed due to the importance given to looks. […]

How not to gain weight after the diet? This question bedevils every woman thrown off the pesky extra pounds. Because a successful weight loss – is only half the battle, now you need to keep the achieved results. Unfortunately, not everyone can do it. This happens because people are often not accustomed to reduce caloric […]

With ideal body weight and contours people are willing to experiment by means of long-term weight loss. Despite the constant agitation of health experts for application of healthy diets and exercise programs as safe means of reducing and maintaining weight loss, not everyone can withstand strict diets, constant feeling of hunger, physical exercises and so […]

1. In spite of such a drastic weight reduction and low-calorie diet, the patient does not look emaciated, does not feel a painful feeling of hunger or the need for sweet / fatty foods. 2. The diet is quite tolerable and even pleasant, since the first days of diet the patient observes a significant reduction […]

The course duration of the diet varies from 26 to 43 days. For 26 days the patient loses on the average 5 to 8 kg, for 43 days – from 10 to 15kg. People suffering from obesity, which need to loose from 15 to an unlimited number of overweight, might pass the second, third, fourth […]

Men do it, women do it, young and old … We are talking about injections of the pregnancy hormone HCG. An example of such a choice is those who could lose weight with these injections without diet or starvation. In their view, this hormone helps to redirect the body to use the “fuel” from reserve […]

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