Safety Issues Associated With Skin Mole Removal At Home

By John Reid

A mole is usually found on the bodies of most of the individuals. These are simply a collection of pigmented cells. They may be flat or raised. Flat moles located at the right place are often considered to be a beauty spot. However large and raised moles on the face or other visible parts of the body are not a good site to look at. This is precisely why people having them look out for skin mole removal.

Moles can be broadly classified into two types. Moles that exist since the time of birth are one such type and the ones that are acquired later in life are the other type. The moles that exist since the time of birth are also referred to as congenital nevi. The ones, which happen to develop later in life, are due to constant exposure to the sun. It is thus advisable to get optimum protection from the sun to avoid the formation of moles.

There are a lot of mole removal techniques available. They can be either removed by using one of the surgical methods or the home removal methods available. Removal of the moles can also be done by using one of the mole removal products that are easily available at a local drug store without a prescription.

Most of the people do not go for the option of removing the moles by surgery even though it is the safest. The major reason behind this being the cost associated with it. Furthermore a surgery of this kind falls into the category of cosmetic surgery and hence most insurance companies do not cover it. Thus an individual needs to bear all the expenses. Thus home removal techniques are preferred by most of the people.

The techniques used to remove a mole at home are simple. One should however be careful while performing them. There are certain threats related to these methods. Additional complications may arise if it is not properly performed. The most typical home removal methods used is cutting off of the mole. Normally using a pair of scissors does this. There are few people who use nail clippers instead of scissors. The chances of contracting an infection increase if the instruments that are used are not sterile. Thus you need to make sure that the instrument you use is a sterile one. Cleaning the equipment with alcohol before using it is one of the simplest ways to sterilize them.

The cutting off of the mole will lead to some amount of blood loss. The blood should be cleaned using cotton. Additionally the wound should also be cleaned in the right way. An antibiotic ointment should possibly be applied on the wound, after cleaning it to prevent infection.

Applying the juice of fruits and vegetables that are basically acidic in nature is one of the other commonly used methods. The acidic nature of such components certainly does help to remove the mole. Having said that, this also proves to be harmful to the skin surrounding the mole, as it often gets burned. One must thus put on some kind of petroleum jelly on the skin prior to the application of such juices, to prevent the skin from burning. Irrespective of the method used to remove the mole, implementing it with care is essential.

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