How Natural Mole Removal Can Be Done

By Kathy Jenkins

Natural Mole RemovalA lot of people have a mole present somewhere on their bodies. Till the time they would not generate a particular medical problem, they were never much cared about in the past. On the other hand people now a days prefer getting the moles removed due to the importance given to looks. They thus tend to look for options that can help them to get rid of their moles.

A lot of options for the removal of moles are available. Having said that, the removal of a mole is considered to be an aesthetic issue. The money needed to remove the mole thus needs to be paid by the person who intends to get the mole removed. Natural mole removal is thus regarded to be one of the best options. It is very economical as compared to the other options. The cost of removal is a lot higher if the option of surgical removal is chosen. It could cost anywhere between two hundred to four hundred dollars for removing a single mole.

Natural mole removal methods involve the use of various products available at home, to remove the moles. Among all the remedies used, the use of castor oil is considered to be the most effective. This is simply due to the fact that the FDA for the treatment of various skin problems has approved one of its derivatives. Castor oil is also easily available at a local drug store. Mixing baking soda and castor oil makes a paste. This paste is then applied over the mole. In order to remove the mole faster, this process needs to be implemented daily. However before applying the paste it is required to prep the mole. In order to avoid getting any kind of infection, it is advisable to get the equipment used to prep the mole sterilized.

Iodine is also considered to be effective in removing a mole. A scab would be formed in place of the mole by its repeated application, which would ultimately fall off. The tea tree oil also works in a similar manner. Repeatedly applying it on the mole would help in eventually getting rid of the mole. Aloe Vera is one of the other treatment options that can be used.

Another additional remedy most frequently used is the tying of the mole. The mole is tied with a piece of thread or dental floss. The reasoning associated with this method is that the flow of blood towards the mole would be obstructed. This would ultimately result in the falling off of the mole. Not being able to remove flat moles is the biggest negative aspect of this method. This method can also not be used to remove moles that are present on the face. This is because a thread cannot be left hanging on the face.

Regardless of the fact that there are a lot of natural mole removal remedies available, it is always recommended to get the mole examined before actually removing it. This is because there is a very small possibility of the mole being cancerous. In case if it is cancerous then it should not be removed by using the natural methods.

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