Self-Esteem and Acne

Smile with acne The battle with acne is brutal enough without worrying about acne and self-esteem issues but it should be considered since the emotional impact can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. Everyone will have their own way of relating to acne and this is worse for some than others.

For example, a person that usually has a high self-esteem before acne can have less self-esteem after their personal bout with acne. They will have their moments when they feel as though everyone is cracking jokes about pimples, or they will get an uneasy feeling thinking everyone in a crowded store is staring at their bumpy uneven skin.

Friends can help out a lot with support and the person will usually able to let comments and strange looks roll off their back like beads of rain.

When out in public and it feels as though everyone is looking at every zit and or pimple, the person may create a social barrier due to a lack of self-esteem. Teens may find school becoming more difficult and to focus on their studies, people in their twenties and thirties may find it difficult focusing at work. This problem has been known to affect those of all ages.

There are millions world wide dealing with this unfortunate incident. However, there is no need to give up hope. Here are tips that have helped many boost self-esteem and help people enjoy life the way life was intended.

Always Smile
Be proud of who you are and allow others to see that. This is the most important tip because no matter how many pimples you have, others always notice a nice big attractive smile. You never know, your smile could be a hidden best future yet to be found until now.

No Need to Put Up a Mask
There is no need to change who you are. Some people feel the need to close and lock themselves in their homes until the acne has run it’s course. Self confinement is not the answer. You need to get out there and keep being who you are. Do things you enjoy and make you feel good about yourself. Allow your personality to shine brighter than before.

Call Up Some Good Friends & Get Out There
I know when I am feeling down about anything, it always helps to call up some great friends and make plans to get together. Friends are very encouraging and uplifting. This is why I encourage you to allow your friends to say good things about you and just have a fun time. After all…Life is much too short to be spent alone and unhappy. Search for what makes you happy and allow any negative comments made from those who do not know you, simply roll of your back like beads of rain.

Even Get a Hair Cut
This may sound a little goofy, however it always helps boost confidence when you feel you look your best. Not to mention, I always have a great time chatting with the stylist and other costumers. Try it, it may even work for you.

Do Something You Really Enjoy Doing
Have you ever noticed when your having fun, time seems to fly by without a care in the world. Doing what you love to do always takes your mind off of things and even works with acne. So call up some of your closest friends and make plans to catch a movie, go for a hike, go to the mall and buy those pair of shoes you have been debating about purchasing, get out and do what you absolutely love doing and enjoy life.

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September 15, 2011

Dartie @ 10:22 pm #

I enjoyed reading your blog. This is very informative… i try some of your tips…

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