Getting Rid Of Pimples – Why Exercise Could Help Clear Acne

Regular exercise might be one thing missing from your efforts to get rid of pimples. Regular exercise has a number of well-documented benefits:

  • Improve your general health
  • Promote a positive attitude and sense of well-being.
  • Combat stress

General Health

If your general health improves it follows your body is better equipped to respond to any attacks on it in the form of illness or disorders. Your body is already trying to deal with your pimples – trying to cure itself. If it is not in good condition then its efforts are less effective. Regular exercise will make sure your body’s circulatory system is functioning well so that it can carry blood to your skin and provide the oxygen and nutrients it needs to deal with your pimples.

If your heart and lungs are working as they should be they are making sure enough oxygen is getting around your body. This also helps your internal organs to function properly to extract goodness from the food you eat and to get rid of toxins from your body. Your digestive system will improve. You will sleep better, which is essential for your body to build up strength to fight the good fight.

Combating Stress

Pimple breakouts are common in times of stress. Many people talk of breakouts at stressful times such as school exams, pressure at work or trouble in relationships. It is well documented that regular exercise reduces stress levels. This not only removes one of the main causes of acne but helps you to cope better mentally and emotionally. It is important to find a way to relieve stress because this can lead to the more serious problem of depression.

Positive Attitude

Dealing with acne can pull you down and affect your self-esteem. Sometimes you might just feel like giving up. The fact you are taking action and sticking to a regular exercise program makes you feel better about yourself. You become more positive as your self-esteem grows and you start to enjoy a sense of well-being. You will find you feel better because your body feels better. There is more bounce in your step. You will be invigorated with new energy to help you deal with your acne.

Exercise alone will not cure your acne but it will help to heal it and to fight against new breakouts. Make your exercise program the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Make some changes in your diet – cut down on refined carbohydrates such as white bread, white sugar and drinks with a high sugar content and change to low GI foods. Try to reduce your intake of milk or milk products. Milk is full of hormones, which leads to a hormone imbalance – one of the major causes of acne. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Acne is an attack on your body’s immune system. Regular exercise strengthens your immune system and helps your body to cure itself. Add to this a healthy diet and you will be well on your way to controlling or getting rid of pimples.



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