Is There Such A Thing as Masturbation Acne?

masturbation acneThere are so many acne myths that circulate causing people fear and discouragement. Some of those myths include, squeezing pimples to make them heal faster, greasy foods like pizza cause acne, the sun will make acne heal faster, chocolate will make you breakout and there are many more that limit people’s quality of life. There is one acne topic that a lot of guys are interested in and that is the idea that masturbation can cause pimples and acne breakouts. It is called by some, “Masturbation Acne”, but is it true that masturbation causes acne?

Before we go over an interesting study that was done that will help answer this we need to know one thing for sure, androgen hormones like testosterone do increase the likeliness of acne and pimple breakouts. It is this very reason that is responsible for young men and women to start experiencing acne when their bodies begin to enter puberty. The body is undergoing very significant changes with elevated hormone levels and acne is a result of the chemical changes in the body.

Acnezine product for treating acneOnce we know that testosterone is responsible for acne breakouts we can now look at the interesting study done on masturbation and acne.

Back in 2003 a group of Chinese researchers conducted a study to determine whether or not testosterone levels were affected in males that had abstained from masturbation and then did masturbate. The test group was comprised of 28 males and the length of time to abstain was a period of one week. Each day their serum testosterone levels were checked and the results led the researchers to the conclusion that masturbation does increase testosterone levels and it is known that androgen hormones like testosterone do increase the likeliness of an acne breakout.

The answer, then, to our initial question, “Is there a such thing as Masturbation Acne?” is yes.

Now some may have heard that testosterone levels can be manipulated through diet, exercise, sleep and supplements. A natural question then would be, can my diet or sleeping habits cause acne and pimple breakouts.

There are some foods that are known to increase testosterone levels in the blood. Some of these foods are those high in zinc like oysters, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts. Other foods related to increased testosterone levels include eggs, basil, almonds, figs, brown rice, asparagus and avocadoes. These foods however, are not eaten in a large enough quantity to cause an acne or pimple breakouts.

To address the other lifestyle habits and their effect on acne is this, any lifestyle habit that reduces or increases stress will have an effect on acne and pimple flare-ups. It is well documented that stress will cause pimples, therefore, if you don’t sleep enough, drink enough water, overwork, eat too much sugar will have a negative impact on the brain. When you brain is not functioning properly you will not relate properly to your surroundings and stress will be the result, which in turn, can cause a breakout of acne and pimples.

In concluding this little study together we can affirm that “Masturbation Acne” is real and that it is not isolated to masturbating alone but is related to any sexual activity since sexual activity stimulates elevated testosterone levels.


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August 28, 2010

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February 6, 2011

Mike @ 5:54 am #

Does not make a difference for me.


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