Myths about Pimples

Like myths about many things in life there are also myths about pimples. It is common for a really smart “philosopher” makes a new discovery and begins to inform people of his/her discovery. Word-of-mouth communication takes over and like the game where you whisper a phrase from person to to the next person you often get a completely different meaning after it is told from one person to the next.

Some of the myths about pimples are:

“Washing Your Face Frequently Will Clear up Acne”

 scrub acneDirt or grime on the skin is not a cause of acne despite popular belief. This is the first most common myth about acne. In all actuality, pores are not clogged from top to bottom. The real problem lays deep within skin. Impurities are to blame as the walls of a pore stick together within in the skin creating a formation. Since acne is not a surface problem, excessive washing will only irritate and even create blockage of the pores. It is best to gently wash your face only twice a day with only your bare hands. Washed clothes could irritate people’s skin because of the chemicals in the detergent. Always consider detergents without fragrances and that are hypo-allergenic.

“Stresses Causes Acne”

In theory, stress could create a hormonal imbalance that could possibly promote acne, yet, a good acne regimen is more powerful to control acne flares than any burst of stress. Therefore, stress is not something that should cause anyone anxiety. Make sure you maintain an acne regimen that works for your skin type.

If you are a person with a lot of stress or you find it hard to control stress it would be good to read about stress control.

“Sex and Acne don’t Mix”

This myth has been going around as early as the seventeenth century to keep youthful adults from having premarital interactions with one another. Sex does not worsen acne. There is not scientific evidence to support this acne myth.

There is however evidence that masturbation can induce a bout with acne. Please read our article, “Is There Such A Thing As Masturbation Acne?

“The Sun Will Help Prevent Acne”

There is no scientific evidence that the sun has any positive effects on acne. Having tanned skin may temporarily hide acne, but sitting in the sun can cause further and more extensive acne outbreaks not to mention premature aging like wrinkles and age spots on the skin and possible skin cancer. It is wise to use some type of skin protection with a minimum SPF rating of 15. It is essential to read all product labels before purchasing sun blocks and only use noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic because these products will not contribute to plugging your pores.

“Squeeze Pimples to Make Them Heal Faster”

 squeeze pimplesSqueezing pimples is actually one of the worse ideas out there. Since each pimple consists of bacteria, dead skin cells and oil; squeezing them will force this infectious trio further into the skin prolonging the healing time. In some cases acne spreads due to squeezing pimples and having the pus spread on the skin. Permanent scaring of the skin is another good reason to not squeeze pimples whether they are whiteheads, blackheads or nasty red bumps.

“Chocolate Causes Pimples”

This is a very interesting rumor, mostly because you could be lead to believe it is true as I will explain. When a woman is nearing her menstruation the levels of the “happy” hormone Serotonin drop in the blood. This can cause a “blue mood” and many women find comfort with chocolate. Chocolate has chemicals in it that create a mild euphoria.

At this time it is common for women to get pimples because of the fluctuation in hormones. People that don’t understand that it is the hormones that cause acne and they or she knows that more chocolate than normal was being eaten. The natural conclusion then is that, chocolate causes acne, which is not true.

Go ahead, grab some Godiva and celebrate!

“Potato Chips and Other Greasy Foods Cause Pimples”

However logical this may sound there is no concrete evidence that it is true. There are a number of researchers that feel foods high in oils and fats can add to the likeliness of acne but the jury is out.

If you sit and snack on some potato chips or go out and get some French Fries be aware of your skin. Does it appear that the splurge caused a breakout? You need to know your body and make choices from your knowledge of your own body.

There is only one food product, at this point, that is proven to induce acne, read the article, “The Case for Dairy and Acne

There are a lot of people and researchers that suggest diet does have an impact on acne, “The Truth About Diet And Acne

“Sweat Causes Pimples”

It is possible that sweat could contribute to minor acne like whiteheads and blackheads because the sweat makes the skin moist and dust will stick to the skin and clog pores.

When it comes to severe acne however, sweat has no impact on the bacteria. On the contrary, if you are sweating because you exercise, it is well known that exercise increases endorphins in the body, which act as a natural stress reliever. Since stress has been proven to increase acne breakouts anything that will reduce stress can aid in the prevention of acne.

“Acne Will Go Away When You Are Older”

There is also some truth in this statement. A teenager may have bad acne and the severity of it will lessen as they age but it is likely that they will experience acne for the rest of their life.

As an adult, from time to time under various conditions, acne will flare-up. A person that is prone to acne needs to always practice the best habits to not have acne. A good acne treatment system should be a standard practice to prevent the pimple breakouts and to lessen the severity of them if they do come.

Acne Is Contagious

There is nothing of a contagious nature to acne. If acne were to spread from on person to another it would have to be from the pus leaving one pimple and finding some place on another persons face to get under the skin and that person has to be prone to acne. In all reality this is extremely unlikely.

Acne is caused by Oily Skin

Here is another logical conclusion that a person could come to but it is not true. Oily skin can be a good sign because the sebum is able to leave the pores. With proper hygiene and practices that will keep the bacteria count down because the sebaceous glands are not over stimulated, no acne has to be experienced as a result of oily skin.

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