What Is The Best Acne Natural Remedy?

best acne natural remedy?The percentage of Americans that have acne is increasing every year, and like with all diseases, it does concern leading public health officials. They know there must be a good reason that will be consistent in a lot of the cases but there is nothing yet conclusive.

With things still inconclusive we are left to ponder the possibilities. One suggestion that many people think is plausible is that the diet of the American people. More than ever people are eating more and more refined sugars and flour as well as processed foods. These food items along with lots of grease from fried foods, and dairy being consumed daily from cows that may not be so healthy.

Years ago acne is reported to not be as rampant as in today’s society. There has never been any concrete statistics that would tell us how many people suffer with acne and to what level of severity their acne is but one indication of the increase in the incidence of acne is the sales of products for acne cure and prevention. With this large emphasis on drug medication you have a group of people that want to know what the best acne natural remedy is and we will cover this a little later.

Take a moment to explore the cause of acne with me. In order to have acne, (not a pimple or a blackhead) but a “zit”, full of pus, painful and can leave permanent scarring on the skin; you need to have bacteria and excessive sebum. To be specific you need to have the bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes, which colonizes in the hair follicle under the skin in the right conditions. What are those conditions? You need plenty of food, which is provided by the sebaceous gland in the form of sebum, natural oil produced to keep the skin and hair moist. The bacteria also need to be trapped in the hair follicle. Equal to the importance of bacteria is the excessive sebum, which is created by hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to secrete an overabundance of sebum.

The bacteria that are trapped cause an infection. The chemicals that are released into the body from the infection signal white blood cells to come to the location and as they kill the bacteria this causes inflammation and the pus, dead bacteria and other debris begins to accumulate and form a lesion.

Since bacteria are one of the two main components in the formation of acne this is why many acne treatments fail. These treatments address the symptoms and not the root cause, the bacteria. They aim to dry pimples, exfoliate skin and remove and/or prevent scarring.

It is also important to note that the bacteria are trapped because of the excessive sebum that mixes with dead skin cells and plugs the pore. The excessive sebum production is a result of hormones. So without the hormones you would not have the excess sebum that clogs the pore and traps the bacteria. If you have a clogged pore without bacteria you have a pimple or blackhead and if you have bacteria without the clogged pore they will be cleansed from the pore in a normal fashion.

Again with the bacteria, excessive sebum and hormones as the primary culprits that is why there is a large emphasis on oral contraceptives to address hormones, antibiotics to combat the bacteria and other products to dry the skin.

Now that we have mentioned all this we can see that if the original question is asked, “What is the best acne natural remedy?” We need to look at remedies that will address one or all three of the main culprits. Reflecting back to the beginning of the article we mentioned diet. If you were to research medical literature you would find that the main dietary culprits are dairy products including milk, cheese, cream and others. If you can call it an acne natural remedy I would say that the elimination of dairy from one’s diet would be the one greatest thing that people could do to experience healthier skin. Remember all the places that dairy products hide in process foods.

There are a lot of natural remedies that people use for acne prevention and cure and you can even make some at home, or buy some of the most common ones on the market but first remove dairy from your diet. It has been scientifically proven that dairy and acne have a definite relationship that is not good for your skin.

To conclude, eliminate dairy from your diet and find another acne natural remedy or more that work for you. It is possible for most acne cases to avoid acne medication if you are committed to a natural method.

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