Diet And Acne – The Holistic Approach Will Prevent Food Giving You Zits

There is a link between diet and acne. The holistic approach targets this relationship and will give you a solution to your acne problem.

At the age of 11, I had an outbreak of boils that lasted almost three years. Acne took their place when eventually the boils disappeared. My acne was very bad and had a significant emotional cost. In my late teens, I changed my diet and, within a couple of weeks, over 80-percent of my acne was gone. Dairy products appeared to be the culprits. However, the fact that I still had a small amount of acne meant that something else was also contributing to my skin condition.

The link between diet and acne works through mechanisms that either create or aggravate hormonal imbalances. For example, processed and refined foods contain high glycemic index carbohydrates that cause insulin levels to spike. These spikes have a flow-on effect because insulin plays a role in regulating other hormones.

Allergic reactions to preservatives, food colorings, and additives can also have an inflammatory effect that weakens your body’s immunity and allows acne-causing bacteria to establish themselves. Alcohol, beverages containing caffeine, and foods rich in histamines (e.g. cheese, bacon, and yogurt) also influence hormone levels in some people.

In acne sufferers, the sebaceous glands have a genetic tendency to manufacture excess oil if there is a hormonal imbalance. This oil blocks pores in the skin, producing perfect conditions for bacteria. The pores become infected and progress to some type of skin acne such as blackheads.

You can’t change your genetic make-up, and so controlling hormone levels is the key to eliminating acne. Hormonal shifts are associated with life cycle changes such as puberty. There are also other triggers besides diet. They include toxins in the body, stress caused by worry or a lack of sleep, allergies to drugs, and the presence of certain types of bacteria in the body.

Dietary changes will only partially eliminate your acne if you do nothing about these other triggers. An effective acne treatment must therefore be both all-embracing and versatile. You need a straightforward treatment that:

1. Neutralizes all the underlying causes of your acne

2. Works quickly to restore and permanently maintain your body’s natural chemical balance

3. Works on all parts of the body, especially the face and neck where acne is often worst

4. Is realistic, and easy to incorporate in your current lifestyle

5. Follows a sound, systematic format

6. Is easily adapted to satisfy your body’s specific needs.

7. Is effective against all forms of skin acne, including severe types such as cysts

8. Doesn’t use costly drugs or chemicals

9. Provides ongoing advice and assistance from competent health experts

The holistic approach is a safe, natural alternative that satisfies all these criteria. It deals effectively with the relationship between diet and acne by identifying those foods which should be avoided. At the same time, it can be adapted to meet your body’s specific needs and neutralize all the other triggers that also give rise to intractable acne. It’s the preferred remedy of thousands of people, and will give you an acne free future.


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