4 Tips To Determine The Best Teenage Acne Treatment

teenage acne treatmentIn today’s society everyone wants a magic bullet that will fix all their problems and acne being one of them. There are some habits that people are entrenched in today that cause worse acne. There are a number acne myths as well that keep people running in circles not sure what to do to make their acne go away.

Having clear skin or as close to it as possible is important since it is well documented that acne can lead a person into depression and even suicidal thoughts. People spend a lot of money for clear skin and although I could argue that there is unnecessary vanity in some of this I will admit that having acne, as a youth was not easy and even today when I get a pimple it is not pleasant. It is particularly hard for a teenager and so lets look at the best teenage acne treatment.

Let’s simplify treating teenage acne by addressing four main points.

1. Squeezing Pimples – This is a really bad habit and needs to be prevented at all costs. When a pimple or a blackhead is squeezed the pus can be pushed deeper into the skin and even into adjacent segments of the A teenage girl is squeezing a pimple on her cheek.epidermis and in bad cases even the dermis layer of the skin. This squeezing pimples will also result in a larger cavity and lead to the terrible scarring of the skin. The pus if not properly cleaned from the skin can also infect other parts of the skin and cause the acne to spread.

2. Hormones – Hormones do cause acne and is often the culprit for the first signs of acne in young people going through puberty as their bodies undergo tremendous hormonal changes. There are lifestyle habits that can affect hormone levels and if a person takes the time to understand these and incorporate the practices into their life they can often greatly reduce the occurrence of acne. The only food items related to acne are dairy products such as milk, cheeses, ice cream and yogurt. The hormones in the dairy products stimulate the acne breakouts. There is no link to acne and any other food item, not chocolate, not pizza and not French fries. The primary cause apart from puberty is stress because stress does increase the levels of hormones in the body. Therefore, any habit that would increase stress would be secondarily related to causing acne. These habits include sleep, water consumption, sugar and fat consumption, faulty thinking patterns, lack of exercise, getting fresh air and being outdoors in the sunshine.

3. Medical Treatment – If the case of acne is bad enough that as much as 20% of the skin is covered the person should see a dermatologist who will most likely prescribe one of the medications for Acne. There are a number of acne treatment systems on the market and they do help teenagers reduce the frequency and severity of acne but be careful that you don’t just spend your money on the first one you see. Take your time to find one that is known to help.

A box of the Acnezine teenage acne treatment solution. 4. Hygiene – Although bad hygiene may not cause acne from the standpoint that it does not increase the secretion of sebum in the skin if the skin is dirty it can aid in clogging the opening of the skin pores and blackheads will result. It is important to not scrub acne since it can spread the pus and infection to other parts of the skin. Be careful in your selection of soap since most soap leaves a film on the skin. Washing your face is best done with warm water and your hands.

This seems simplistic but changing your daily habits and especially the way you think can be a lifelong work. The best teenage acne treatment is to do your best to control stress and limit if not remove dairy from your diet. If you accomplish these two tasks you have made two significant choices that will reduce the occurrence and severity of acne and pimples.


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August 9, 2010

Karen @ 5:35 am #

My acne just doesn’t seem to respond to any of the natural treatments and sometimes it seems to get worse. I have always wanted to stay away from prescription medications but after seeing your statistic here of more than 20% of your skin with acne I know I need to use a prescription medication. With your experience, which medication should I use?


October 20, 2010
November 9, 2010
February 16, 2011
July 7, 2011

Stefan @ 3:34 pm #

i agree with your part about squeezing pimples. good content!

July 26, 2011
September 19, 2011

I also do agree with number 1 tip which is squeezing pimples, it only aggravate it even worse.

December 14, 2011

Paula A @ 1:25 am #

I’m eighteen, and I’ve had bad acne for all of my life; constant zits around my mouth, on my chin and forehead, and lots of blackheads on my nose, and my skintype was really frustrating; oily and greasey, yet dry all the time. Wash your face with water as hot as you can stand it for a while, or try steaming it, then slap some of the Lady Soma “Antioxidant Berry Masque”; it’s incredible.

It will dry on your skin; then wash it off. If you have red irritating pimples, you’ll notice a change overnight; and if you use it every night, your skin will rock. The cool thing is, this stuff also shrinks and minimizes the little pocks that zits leave in your face; I used to have them really bad under my eyes, they’re almost nonexistant now.

December 18, 2011

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