Does Pizza Cause Face Acne Breakouts?

pizza face acne“You really shouldn’t eat that ice cream or those French fries and especially that pizza if you want your acne to go away or you will have pizza face acne.”, says your friend. Have you ever heard something similar to that? Is your friend right? Do greasy foods like French fries, potato chips and pizza cause acne?

Scientists have done their best research and to this day greasy foods cannot be scientifically proven to be a cause of acne outbreaks, as a matter of fact, no foods have shown any connection except for one food group. The food group that has shown to aggravate or cause acne breakouts is foods from the dairy group: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and others. The reasons for this are not fully understood but it might have something to do with hormones since hormones are the main culprits for acne breakouts.

When these particular hormone (androgen) levels increase in the body the production of sebum increases. This excess sebum then mixes with dead skin cells and plugs the hair follicle causing a whitehead, blackhead or even just a good ole red bump.

acnezine acne treatmentPerhaps food does not cause acne breakouts with the exception of dairy products but it is scientifically proven that stress does cause acne breakouts. Therefore it would be prudent to consider how food affects our stress levels. Foods that are high in fat and sugar have a number of negative effects upon the body and mind. Weight gain is one of the results of a high calorie diet and being overweight causes emotional stress. The consumption of foods high in fat and sugar also prevent the brain from functioning at optimum levels and any time someone is unable to think clearly stress will result.

When the mind is clouded your thoughts can wander and you may begin to imagine things that are not real. For someone who is already prone to thoughts that are melancholy and perhaps a bit paranoid this will cause a lot of stress. Stress elevates hormone levels in the body and this triggers excessive sebum production. This is particularly bad for young people with a current acne problem but young adults and adults that are prone to acne may also experience an acne outbreak as a result of high stress levels.

In conclusion it is true that greasy foods with the exception of dairy products do not have an affect on acne breakouts but the wrong foods will have an affect on our ability to think right thoughts further impacting our emotional well being and stress levels. It has been scientifically proven that stress does cause acne by hormonal changes increasing sebum secretion.

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June 19, 2010
September 3, 2010

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June 20, 2010

Angie @ 9:55 am #

I had heard about greasy food and pizza face acne. This further helps me to know that it is ok to eat pizza. Thank you for the great site with a lot of helpful information.

June 23, 2010
October 12, 2010

Nathan @ 5:11 pm #

I did not know this. I eat lots of cheese, drink lots of milk and love ice cream.
I found your site because I do have bad acne.
I am willing to give this a try.


October 20, 2010
October 21, 2010

Karen @ 12:42 pm #


I never knew about this connection between dairy and acne. That explains a lot to me about all the kids in our family. We grew up on a dairy farm…

Thanks for all the great information.

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