Getting Rid Of A Skin Tag

By John Anthonio

A skin tag is a piece of tissue, which can be seen to hang off an area of skin. They can often appear unsightly which is why you may want to get rid of them. They are not the cause of any medical concern though and getting rid of them should pose no significant difficulties. They can also be removed quite easily. There are a number of options, which you can call upon in order to successfully achieve this.

They can also be dealt with, without a lot of fuss having to be taken over the matter. This is not a time consuming process and can be done without you experiencing anything in the way of physical pain. You may either deal with them at home or you can call upon the services of a medical professional. Either ways it won’t take long.

They are known to commonly affect you in the armpit area, although it is possible to get them almost anywhere. People who have undergone noticeable fluctuations in their weight over the years very commonly experience it. As your body ages it becomes far more likely that you will begin to notice them appearing on your body in many different places.

The most common home remedy for this concern is tying some string around the tag itself. The string has to be tied as tightly as possible as you want to cut off the flow of blood to the area in question. This will then lead it to slowly wither away and fall off in the same manner as dead skin. This will take a day or more but is something, which has been shown to be both simple and effective.

Alternatively you can opt to cut them off yourself. If you come to this decision then it is a good idea for you to be as careful as possible in order to avoid potential injuries and infection.

Try keeping your focus on cutting away only the tag. The scissors, which are used for such a procedure, should be as sharp as possible and also sterilized. Having made the cut you may encounter some minor bleeding which can be stemmed by applying cotton wool. Make sure the wound is cleaned in order for you to avoid getting infected.

If scissors does not sound like the best option for you then there are many products, which are available from your pharmacy that can be used. Most of them are lotions and creams, which can be applied directly to the skin, and this in turn causes the tag to wither away. These are a pain free option if you don’t like the idea of the other home remedies available.

If you prefer to take an approach, which errs on the side of being safe, then it might be best to call upon a medical professional to assist you with the process. This generally involves the skin tag being frozen off. It takes very little time and is reported to be painless. If there are any other concerns with regards to your skin then contacting a dermatologist will prove useful to you.

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