Prevent Asthma And More With These 5 Hydroxycinnamic Acid Benefits

The hydroxycinnamic acids are a group of phytonutrients (plant based chemical compounds with various health benefits) that are mainly found in coffee but can also be found in certain fruits and vegetables. They are not believed to be essential for human survival but research has revealed that they may keep your heart healthy, protect the skin cells and more. In this article I will be focusing on this topic and listing 5 hydroxycinnamic acid benefits.


Heart disease is 1 of the major causes of premature deaths in the UK. The good news is that the hydroxycinnamic acids can keep this vital organ healthy by clearing any blockages in the arteries and ensuring that it always has a regular supply of blood. Early studies suggest that these natural nutrients may also prevent arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) but more research is required before this can be confirmed.


1 of the notable hydroxycinnamic acid benefits is that they may act as antiseptics (substances that prevent the growth of disease causing microorganisms). However, further studies are needed before these disease-fighting properties can be confirmed.


HIV is a virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (a disease also known as AIDS that progressively destroys your immune system). HIV can not currently be cured but provisional research suggests that the hydroxycinnamic acids may be able to prevent this virus from replicating. However, more studies are needed before this health benefit can be confirmed.


UV rays are invisible rays of energy from the sun that can damage your body’s cells. Prolonged exposure to these rays can burn your skin and even lead to skin cancer. Fortunately, the hydroxycinnamic acids may be able to shield you from these UV rays. However, further studies are required before this protective benefit can be confirmed.


Asthma is a respiratory disorder that causes breathing difficulties by making your airways narrow temporarily. The good news is that the hydroxycinnamic acids may be able to treat this unpleasant condition. However, more research is required before this can be confirmed.


There is still a great deal to learn when it comes to the hydroxycinnamic acids. However, the early research shows a lot of potential and indicates that coffee may be able to rival green tea in terms of health benefits. So make sure you are consuming 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day so that you can activate these hydroxycinnamic acid benefits.


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