Suffering From Pain? Then Check Out These 5 Tyrosol Ester Benefits

The tyrosol esters are a group of promising phytonutrients (health boosting, plant based chemical compounds) that can only be sourced from olives and olive oil. They are not officially classed as essential nutrients but studies suggest that they could fight free radicals, reduce unnecessary inflammation and more. In this article I will be taking a detailed look at 5 tyrosol ester benefits.


Your kidneys perform a number of vital roles in the body, which include assisting in the removal of waste materials and controlling blood pressure. Fortunately, early evidence indicates that the tyrosol esters may protect the kidneys from disease and ensure they stay in tip top shape. However, further studies are required before this can be confirmed.


Fungal infections are caused by fungi (spore producing microorganisms which include mould, mushrooms and yeast). They usually develop in the lungs or on the skin after touching or inhaling fungal spores. The good news is that the tyrosol esters may be able to help you avoid fungal infections. Early research indicates that these phytonutrients are powerful antifungal (substances that fight fungal infections). However, additional research is needed before these fungal fighting benefits can be confirmed.


Unlike most infections, viral infections host themselves inside your body’s cells and constantly mutate into new strains. This makes treating them very tricky. Fortunately, early studies indicate that the tyrosol esters may be powerful antiviral (substances that inhibit the growth of viral infections). However, more evidence is required before this can be confirmed.


Cancer is a nasty health disorder where the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in your body’s cells is disrupted. This then causes your cells to grow in a rapid, out of control way and ultimately form into a tumor, which can become cancerous. If it does become cancerous, this tumor then moves to other parts of the body and destroy the cells around it along the way. The good news is that early studies indicate that the tyrosol esters might be able to prevent cancer. However, additional research is needed before these cancer-fighting effects can be confirmed.


If you regularly suffer from headaches or other types of pain you may want to give the tyrosol esters a try. These plant-based nutrients mimic the action of ibuprofen and can minimize the pain associated with inflammation.


Olives and olive oil have been recognized as a health boosting food for many years and with all these impressive tyrosol ester benefits it is not hard to see why. Although the research is still in the early stages you should fill up these foods regularly to give your body a healthy dose of tyrosol esters.


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