How Long Does it Take for Acne to Clear Up?

“How long will it take my acne to clear up? The prom is 7 days away and I sure hope this thing is gone by then. It sure will be embarrassing if this is not gone.”

That is not an uncommon incident as comically it may appear. This is a great question regardless, “How long does it take for acne to clear up?” The answer is that the amount of time varies from person to person and the severity of the acne. Another huge factor in the healing process is the action plan you decide is right for you and how fast you react to the first signs of a breakout. Some people have such complex skin types which makes it hard to figure out which medication will be effective. Each individual person is different so no one treatment is right for everyone.

The most common and reliable treatment on the market is Proactiv. we have done extensive mind boggling research and Proactiv seems to be a great start for “those with mild to moderate acne” and it’s over the counter and is a prescription strength treatment. The faster you react to the first sign of a break out, the sooner you will regain the equally smooth skin you once had.

Since there is not a one treatment cures all, don’t be alarmed if you must try several different products before finding the one for your skin type. Don’t not give up hope or persistence because there is a treatment out there for your skin type.

For more sever acne that does not vanish within one to six months, professional counsel from a dermatologist should be sought. From there they might give you some regiments by prescription.

As we know acne can be a terrible experience on three different levels:

1) It can make you feel self-conscious and even awkward as the breakouts occur.
2) It can make anyone the center of jesting, joking and ridicule from their classmates or coworkers.
3) It can leave scars that will act as a permanent reminder for the rest of their lives for a condition that embarrassed and humiliated them years in the past. These can have a deep psychological effect on the sufferer even in adulthood.

Avoiding the effects of acne isn’t always possible, but there are certainly things that can help. For the average acne sufferer simple over the counter medications are all that’s needed to do the trick, but even then, trying to figure out which one and how long to try it for can be a chore in itself. If you are a teenager or the parent of a distressed teenager who is facing acne for the first time or are just facing their first breakout that’s terrible enough to warrant medicine, there are a few rules to help making choosing an over the counter acne remedy:

Here’s what to do:
· The first thing that you need to do is pick a medicine that you may be familiar with. Spend some time researching, asking questions and seeing what has worked for others. Whether the treatment is a cream, gel or pad, try using the one with the least amount of medicine first. If benzoyl peroxide is the chosen medication, pick one that has a concentration of about 2.5 percent. Don’t choose one over that limit. As long as the medication doesn’t cause severe drying or irritation, keep using it for about two months.
· Next, when two months have passed, examine the situation. If the medication seems to have worked, keep using it. If not, try a higher dose. Two months may seem like a long time but acne is not something that goes away over night as some medications or companies may claim. Two months will give the treatment a real chance to work it’s magic.
· Rinse and repeat.
· If the over the counter remedies, even at higher doses, show no signs of working, it’s most likely time to see a dermatologist. Going to a doctor for acne is a sensible thing to do if all else fails. The doctor will be familiar with all of the current drugs available for severe acne sufferers and will prescribe one to suit you. Don’t panic. In the majority of cases your acne will clear with over the counter products.
Remember, if everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked, a doctor might have the solution. Treating acne is highly personalized and not all medicines will work for every person all of the time. What a doctor can offer may take time to work. Your doctor will be able to monitor your condition and adjust the medication to suit you.

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