The Case For Dairy and Acne

dairy and acneLike most topics that touch industries that are worth millions of dollars like the dairy industry there is a battle in progress over the introduction of the idea that dairy and acne have a direct relationship to one another. This could mean the loss of millions of dollars and so it will be fought like the introduction of the food pyramid, replacing the old four foods groups that left you with the impression, consciously or not, that 50% of your diet should be made up of animal products. Of course the old four-food group chart was provided to the American people by the meat and dairy industry.

Have you ever seen the picture of the nurses in a room with mops mopping up all this water that is on the floor? It does not take long to notice the sink in the background that is running and overflowing causing the flooding of the floor. It is a silly and enjoyable illustration that teaches one of the greatest truths most people need to learn.

This truth is taught with many illustrations, another one being that of laying the axe to the root to stop a plant from growing instead of just chopping it down only to find that the sprouts continue to come up.

Dr. Danby, a dermatologist in practice for over 30 years had an interest in the relationship between dairy and acne and has produced works showing the direct relationship.

The dairy industry is a commercial business, they sell milk and so the more milk they can produce the better. To get more milk production cows are artificially inseminated and the calves are taken away at birth so the milk can be gathered for human consumption.

In that milk there are a number of elements dangerous to our health but the constituent that is related to acne are the hormones. There are hormones in the milk that the baby cow is supposed to get so it can grow big and strong. These hormones are like the male sex hormone testosterone that is well known to cause acne breakouts by increasing the size of the sebaceous glands and over stimulating the production of sebum, naturally occurring oil that is to keep hair and skin lubricated.

The problem is that the excess sebum cannot leave the pores and in combination with dead skin cells the pore clogs. In this clogged pore the bacteria propionibacterium acnes begin to colonize attracting white blood cells leading to an inflammation and the formation of acne and pimples.

All dairy products including milk, cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream and those baked into prepared foods should be avoided for a minimum of 30 days to determine if the change offers benefits to your skin.

“Organic” or “Hormone-Free” milk still has the cow’s natural hormones in it that cause the conditions for acne.

Removing dairy from your diet may be a big change but there is plenty of support to make a switch like that and will address concerns about calcium requirements and more so you feel comfortable to make a switch that will improve the complexion of your skin.

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August 24, 2010
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  • Bob

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August 6, 2010

wikiderm @ 9:39 am #

Take a look at for more information and nothing for sale.

October 6, 2010

Bob @ 1:58 pm #

I have terrible acne and never knew that dairy had that kind of a relationship with acne. I love milk and ice cream. I will eliminate all dairy products from my diet and see what happens.

Thank you

October 7, 2010
October 6, 2010

Chuck @ 11:56 pm #

Aw, this was a really great post. I have heard about this but never read something about it. Thanks for the educational content about dairy and acne.

October 7, 2010
October 21, 2010

Vicki @ 8:25 pm #

Thanks for the great information on the relationship between dairy and acne. I will be quitting too.

February 9, 2011

KC @ 5:40 am #

It is so great to see more and more websites speaking out about this. Dairy has always been the worst for me.


October 9, 2011

I should tell you that your blog articles and other content is extremely great. It truly is not simple to retain this kind of top quality in the webpage. Keep up the good work.

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