Adult Acne Treatment, Which Is The Best Method To Use To Clear The Skin For Good?

Whenever we hear the term acne, the image you think of is the spotty-faced, gangly teenager. We picture the awkward adolescent experiencing physical changes as he moves from childhood to adulthood. Although the majority of people who suffer from acne are teenagers a significant amount of adults are afflicted by acne also. This condition is termed, Adult Acne. The question comes to mind, “What is the best Adult Acne Treatment?”

a female adult that suffers from bad acne and needs treatmentThe truth is, acne may become a challenge at ages young and old. Adult acne is when acne occurs in people twenty years old and above. It is usually a result of many things however essentially the most common causes is as a reaction to stress medication. A lot of people mistakenly say that stress causes acne because people with high-stress levels can often break out in spots.

However, the reaction is usually to the medication that they’re placed on rather than to the stress itself. Doctors are not sure just what about the medication causes acne to break out but usually prescribe additional medication to cure the acne.

Mature Women Are At Greater Risk Of Acne Due To Birth Control Pills

Adult women in many cases are known to experience an attack of acne when they stop using oral contraceptives. Stopping the use of The Pill causes hormonal changes in the body. Hormones and the skin condition appear to be very closely related. The clogged pores that induce acne to appear are affected by what is happening in the body hormonally. Under normal conditions, the ovaries produce both estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone. Even though it is typical that it is present in the feminine body, estrogen should invariably be in higher concentrations than testosterone. When it is not, problems arise.

A girl rubbing cream on her face to get rid of pimplesResearch shows that hormones strongly affect the way that the skin looks and behaves. To put it simply, the balance between androgen and estrogen is fine. When one of these hormones is out of balance in a woman’s body, the effects are seen in the skin. This is the reason that many women see acne appear and re-appear with their menstrual cycle. Hormone therapy is one means to fix hormone-induced acne. It works on reducing androgens and preventing them from stimulating the sebaceous gland into producing the large amounts of oil that feed the acne bacteria below the surface of the skin. This method can be very effective but there are a number of effective methods to get rid of acne. The more you know about them, the better.

What Is The Conclusion To Clearing The Skin And Preventing Scarring?

As you can see, acne is not always related to proper washing and hygiene, nor is it associated with a bad diet. Scientific study has found that hormones affect the skin and the progression of acne. This is a medical condition and therefore should be treated by a trained doctor or dermatologist. There are lots of over the counter drugs and solutions, only attempt to use these after consulting a healthcare professional.

Which Is The Best Adult Acne Treatment Cream To Heal The Skin?

If you struggle with acne scars find a good acne scar cream that will help make them vanish. It is possible to have near perfect skin if you choose the right products to help bring that clear youthfulness out of it.
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