What Is The Best Acne Scars Treatment?

What is the best acne scars treatment?If having pimples and acne is not enough with all the embarrassment and suffering it causes, if you are not careful you can even end up with scarring on your skin that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

This is why you always hear the statement, “Don’t pick at it or squeeze it or pop it!” Those statements are absolutely true because depending on the depth of the acne into the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin you can end up with bad scarring on the skin.

You wake up on a Monday morning and remember that you have to stand before your English class and give a presentation. If that isn’t stressful enough you get to the bathroom, look in the mirror and see a huge zit on your nose and it is white! What should you do? If you are not careful you can further irritate the skin in a number of ways:

  • Squeezing hard with your fingers can cause some of the puss to be pushed through the cellular tissue into another location of your facial skin and in this sense the acne will spread.
  • Squeezing can also cause lifelong scarring on the skin.
  • Using the fingers will cause redness on the skin around the infected area and it will cause just as much embarrassment not to mention the bleeding that can result.

Squeezing acne can create acne scars for life.So if you shouldn’t squeeze the zit, what are your options? The best practice is to lance the acne. This requires a sterile, sharp metal object. A pin or needle will work. It is very important that the lance is sterile and should be done with fire or isopropyl alcohol. If you do not sterilize the lance then you may introduce bacteria under the skin and cause further infection and inflammation.

Now that we have covered the preventative measures to avoid scarring altogether we will now take a look at that acne scars treatment options that you have.

  1. Tanning beds, it is true that when your skin is tan the scarring is not as visible. The problem is that tanning beds are proven to cause cancer because of the high exposure to the radiation.
  2. Cosmetics that fill the scars, there are cosmetics that have a lot of body to them and will literally fill the pits and lines in the skin from the acne scars. The problem with this option is that the cosmetics can dry up and look even worse.
  3. Natural acne scar treatment, these products are designed to help the skin in a number of ways. They work as a microderm abrasion and exfoliate with ingredients to restore and heal the skin by repairing the scar tissue.

The best acne scar treatment product is called Revitol Scar Cream.


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