Cullulitis And Body Treatment Technologies That Provide Great Results

It sometimes seems that body treatments have continued to be performed with the same technologies and applications as they did originally centuries ago, with only minor changes and added features. Wrapping has gained popularity as the choice for firming and slimming an area temporarily. The materials used during treatments seem to also have evolved very little. Day spas offer commercially popular services with antioxidants, such as chocolate, fruits, wine, and other exotic bases in body treatments to produce a pleasant experience. These treatments use much of the same concepts that have been around for ever, and focus on the same benefits of relaxation, ambiance, and inspiration. In a different direction, there are many significant benefits surging from equipment and cosmeceutical research companies that continue raising the bar in their treatment innovation.

Cellap, a global leader in cellular skin care, is one such research center. They are known for developing a product ingredient delivery process using stabilized bio-integral cells as the transport mechanism. Other Cellap original breakthroughs include the discovery of the Aromatase enzyme as a key factor in cellulite development in women, and the formulation of a treatment product that inhibits Aromatase production in the sub cutaneous tissues, reducing dramatically, and even completely eliminating the visibility of cellulite altogether. Aside from the cellulite treatments, Cellap has other similar technologies in their Cellcosmet brand for other applications like deep body relaxation, body shaping and detoxifying.

Other advances have been in the benefits of waxes. Traditionally paraffin has been used as a body moisturizer and skin softener, but new wax developments have proven far superior. Soy wax is much cleaner, is a better base for treatment ingredients, and melts at a lower temperature than paraffin, providing the best application of moisturizing, softening, and overall skin conditioning that is more pleasant. It is also relevant to mention that soy wax is made from renewable vegetable sources, and supports the local US farmers. These benefits synergize with equipment to raise body temperature uniformly over the treatment duration, permitting new body treatments to deliver results that were previously unthinkable.

New technologies are helpful for other popular body treatments such as body acne treatments, hyperpigmentation, stretch mark and scar removal procedures, and massage therapy. Equipment technologies help for safer, cleaner, and more effective extractions with laser heat or galvanic current applications that relax pore walls. High frequency technology can also be used to destroy bacteria residing deep inside pores, that could otherwise prove resilient to antibacterial products. Dermabrasion and laser resurfacing technologies are available that will help remove surface texture and skin pigmentation issues that are common with scars and stretch marks.

Sinless Skin has become reputed for the high quality of their skin care treatments, and have a wide assortment of options using newer equipment and product technology. If you are looking into Davie day spas, be sure to contact them, or for more information on their treatments visit

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October 12, 2011

It’s true that there are new technologies for body treatments with excellent results. My question is: how much is spent on these treatments? I especially want to know the prices of treatments for acne. Thank you very much.

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