Microdermabrasion: Tips On How To Age Beautifully

Just like anything else, things tend to decelerate as we get older. This is true for our collagen development-the excellent stuff that supplies all of the proteins that preserve the structure of our skin properly. This is why, as we pile on the birthdays, we often accumulate the lines and wrinkles also. Our skin gradually heads south as the collagen network supporting it is either deteriorating or is not getting enough support.

genfx anti agingA common way to jump start our collagen generation is through microdermabrasion treatments. As an alternative to just smearing on layers of moisturizer on our wrinkles and praying, microdermabrasion treatments basically remove-gently and slowly-the topmost coating of the skin via its abrasive, diamond-tipped wand (or for some, crystal) and vacuum. Apart from the advantages of removing the outer flaws like age spots, shallow acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, oil and dirt hiding inside our skin pores, the cure does an incredible job of collagen output stimulation.

This is one technique of dealing with the dilemma of aging and skin care. As attractive as topical product ads are, these beauty lotions could only do so much, especially once the problem is already there. The reality is, as soon as the wrinkle is on your face, no moisturizer can erase it; it is a well-known fact. The best thing to perform is stop them from surfacing or at the very least, if they are already there, keep them from degeneration.

As always, prevention is best. Guard your skin from the sun’s harmful light. Make sun block lotion a typical part of your daily regimen, the same as brushing your teeth. Put your sunscreen in your medicine cabinet or next to your toothbrush and toothpaste to remind you that it’s part of your every day habit. A head wear along with a pair of sunglasses if the sun is at its hottest not just look good, they are an additional protection also. Treat yourself to your home microdermabrasion machine sessions. It will help recharge your skin tone and jumpstart your collagen production. There’s practically nothing much we could do with getting older but we are able to do it gracefully.


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