The Use of Clindamycin As An Acne Antibiotic Treatment

Clindamycin is an antibiotic that is used as a topical gel for acne and is used for the treatment of infections with anaerobic bacteria as in the case of acne. It is safer than the retinoid drugs like Accutane and Retin-A and in studies has been shown to work faster with good results.

The use of prescription medications should not be taken lightly as there are always side effects when drugs are introduced into the human body. When someone considers using a prescription the side effects should be read and completely understood and the medication should be used according to the directions with no variance since the results can be detrimental. Having said that I do understand that acne can rob one of living a quality life. To always worry about your skin and even form a degree paranoia is no way to enjoy life. There are cases that people become severely depressed and have suicidal thoughts as a result of acne. With this in mind the use of a prescription medication is an absolute necessity.

Why do you need an antibiotic treatment for Acne? Lets get a better understanding of what acne is and then it will make sense.

For the sake of this article let’s look at three types of acne, blackheads, whiteheads (little pimple that forms a white bump) and what we will call a zit, the kind that is bigger, red and obviously inflamed and infected. An antibiotic would not benefit the first two types of pimples because bacteria are not present but the antibiotic would help the zit. The makeup of the zit is an excess of sebum (natural oil secreted by the body) and in that environment bacteria can flourish. As the bacteria colonize the infection increases and the body’s defense system fights the bacteria causing more and more pus (dead white blood cells that form the white head) and this culminates in a significant zit.

Remember that the worst thing you can do is squeeze this zit. Squeezing the zit can cause scarring of the skin, squeezing can push some of the infection deeper into the skin and even to another part of the under layers of skin and last but not least but the pus getting spread on the surface of the skin can spread the acne.

To avoid this terrible situation using Clindamycin as an acne antibiotic treatment is a good solution. Remember that you do not need to spend more money for the brand name, Cleocin, but will save money by getting the generic medication, which is called Clindamycin.

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